Handcrafted with Love in London

Each La Nuit piece is lovingly handmade in London. Most items take around 6-8 weeks to make and have gone through an alchemical process of creating, melting, transforming, fusing, and finishing from humble jeweller's wax to precious metal. This beautiful process imbues every pieces with the love and care that Sabrina pours into her work, getting more and more meaningful as the process unfolds.

La Nuit's work is almost entirely made by Sabrina herself, but where her skills are not sufficient, she works with talented local craftsmen to carry things to the next level. This include casting, done in Birmingham famous jewellery quarter and hand engraving, mastered by an award winning engraver based in London.

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La Nuit's Workshop

The Goldsmiths' Centre

This is where the magic happens!

The Goldsmiths' Centre
42 Britton Street 
London EC1M 5AD

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