About My Work

Each La Nuit piece is lovingly handmade in London. Most items take around 6-8 weeks to make and have gone through an alchemical process of creating, melting, transforming, fusing, and finishing from humble jeweller's wax to precious metal. This beautiful process imbues every pieces with the love and care that I always pour into my work, getting more and more meaningful as the process unfolds.

Due to the unique process used, none of my jewels will be exactly the same. They will all have their own distinctive finish. It will, however, always be made to the same standard and with the same intention and dedication.

Nothing is meant to be perfectly polished, flat, round or symmetrical and this is my intent. Jewels may have file marks, raw edges, uneven shanks, all those delicious imperfections that make things so much more interesting. I love them even more when they have an unexpected little something that will make them so unique.

The pictures are an example of how things will look, but ultimately your piece will be unique in it's own way, as casting, sizing, polishing, oxidising and so on will all have an effect on the final look of the piece.

Bespoke and Customised Work

I would be delighted to work on your bespoke designs. This is absolutely my favourite part, where things become extra meaningful and pieces are enriched with personal stories and memories.

Of course! Most of my pieces are customizable with an incredible array of stone choices, setting types or precious metal options. Just get in touch!

I do! If you are looking for an extra precious piece that will be completely tailored to you and your taste, send me an email and we can discuss your dream piece together!

For bespoke and customised orders, a 50% deposit is requested before production can begin. At this point you will be committed to purchase. The remainder will then need to be paid in full before collection or dispatch of the order. Bespoke pieces cannot be cancelled once your deposit has been paid.

Shipping policy

Once you have placed your order, please be patient as each piece is handcrafted to order just for you and this can take up to 6-8 weeks before shipping.

La Nuit ships internationally. However, I am currently unable to ship to Russia.

£10 for UK orders
£15 for International orders

Each item is wholeheartedly handcrafted in my London studio and carefully sized to your measurements. Pieces can take up to 6-8 weeks to make before shipping.

Uk Shipping: 1-2 days after completion
International Shipping: 2-10 days after completion

Custom charges are not included in your shipping costs. If you are an international customer outside the UK, any duties and taxes will be your responsibility. Please be aware that any international order will be subject to it.

Returns and exchanges

Because each item is wholeheartedly handcrafted in my London studio and, most of the time, handmade just for you,
my return policy is quite important. Please read and familiarise yourself with it before making an informed purchase.

Due to the custom nature of my work, no refund or returns will be accepted on any jewels, unless it is faulty, not fit for purpose or not as described.

If, on the other hand, a mistake was made on my part, please feel free to contact me to discuss the issue. It is my ultimate goal that you are happy with your purchase and I will do my best to fix the problem.

If you are hesitant and have any questions, please contact La Nuit prior to placing an order.

When ordering rings online it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they have ordered the correct size.  
Please choose your ring size carefully before placing your order as each rings are sized to your own measurement.

I will therefore not accept exchanges on rings if the wrong size was ordered but you can contact me for a resize which I will gladly do for a small fee (£40). Take your time to make sure you are ordering the correct size, by either requesting a ring sizer from me or by visiting your local jewellery shop.

Jewellery Care

Care is to be taken whilst wearing La Nuit's pieces, especially rings as these are delicate by nature.

To look after your pieces, it is recommended to remove them before washing your hands, taking a bath, a shower or when swimming and particularly before using any cosmetics (hand cream, perfume or hairspray). La Nuit also encourages customers to remove jewellery when engaging in activities such as handwork and sports. 


For wholesale enquiries please email lanuitjewellery@gmail.com