Jewellery Care

Each piece at La Nuit is designed and created to stand up to everyday wear. Even so, fine jewellery should be worn with care. We have a few recommendations to help keep your precious metals and gemstones in excellent shape:

Remove jewellery while cleaning, gardening, exercising, or any hands-on physical activity.

Do not expose jewellery to water (hand or dishwashing, showering, bathing, swimming), lotions, or beauty products. It is especially important to avoid submerging gemstones with closed back settings as condensation can find its way behind the gemstone, altering its appearance. Chemicals from cleaning solutions and chlorinated water will leach material from metal alloys.

“Living” stones, such as pearls and coral, are especially sensitive to the above conditions (water/lotions/chemicals/etc.) as they are porous. They should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off!

Store your jewels in a dry, soft space where they won’t bump, slide, crush, or tangle.

A microfiber cloth can be used to gently clean the surface of gemstones. If more is needed, please contact the La Nuit team for instructions specific to that piece’s materials and build.