"Forevermore", Diamonds Skull Necklace
"Forevermore", Diamonds Skull Necklace
"Forevermore", Diamonds Skull Necklace
"Forevermore", Diamonds Skull Necklace
"Forevermore", Diamonds Skull Necklace

"Forevermore", Diamonds Skull Necklace

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I dreamed up these little skulls to be worn as powerful Memento Mori, to enjoy Life each day to the fullest, and to remember the fragility and beauty of it all.

Memento mori became especially popular in the 16th century when people began carrying their own personal memento mori everywhere in the form of pocket watches, lockets and jewellery.

They also resonate deeply with my mottos, "I Love You To Death" and would make a perfect gift as a romantic token of Love. Till Death my Love!

So, I guess, whatever those little skulls will whisper to you, whether that's an "I love you forever", a "You are my ride or die" or something in the Memento Mori lines of "Live in the Now", I made those to speak to you and to hold your dreams and memories.

  • Materials: 9ct
  • Skull size: 12mm from jaw to top of the bail.
  • Stones: Two 1.7mm Salt and Pepper Diamonds adorn the little skull's eyes.
  • Chain: 20" solid gold

(Get in touch if you would like to discuss other gold colours or carats, like white and rose gold etc)


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